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Ferry Service For Estonia


Estonia Port Information

We have available only one departure point from Estonia (Tallinn) with three connecting ports

Tallinn Estonia - TAL

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a prime destination with a great location offering luxurious adventures with rich cultural scene along with a eclectic nightlife set in a historical setting. Tallinn is the first point of entry to Estonia with plane, train, or ferry in close proximity to all the city has to offer.

There are three connecting ports by ferry from Tallin (Terminal D) with regular daily schedules to. Helsinke, Mariehamn and, Stockholm. Tallinn offers easy access for arrival and departures. There are separate check-in counters for individual and group passengers in the terminal. There is also a separate car check-in area. The terminal also has a spacious lounge avialable along with parking areas near to the terminal.

Connecting Ports

Helsinki - Finland

Mariehamn - Finland

Stockholm - Sweden

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