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Go Fast Ferry offers multiple departure and arrival points for Finland

  • Langnas Finland LNG
  • Helsinki Finland HEL
  • Olympia Western-Terminal - OWE
  • Kapellskar Sweden - KPS
  • Mariehamn Finland - MHQ
  • Stockholm Sweden - STC
  • Tallinn Terminal ID Estonia - TA1
  • Tallinn Estonia - TAL
  • Turku Finland - TKU
Tallink Silja Line for Finland Stockholm Mariehamn Kapellskar
Viking Line all ports Finland Turku Tallinn

Finland Port Information

We have available five departure point from Finland which include Helsinki, Helsinki Olympia Western Terminal, Langnas, Mariehamn and Turku. With conecting ports to the island of Aland, Sweden and Estonia.

Helsinki Finland - HEL

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, sits on the southern peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Population is about 650,000 persons and historical several ferry operators available with multiple connecting ports. Olympia Western Terminal TA1 is also located in Helsinki for additional connecting ports.

Helsinki has Departure and Arrival ports for Langnas Finland, Mariehamn Finland, Turku Finland, Stockholm Sweden, Kapellskar Sweden and Tallinn Estonia. Which will have their own connecting ports and attractions available.

Langnas Finland - LNG

Långnäs is a port located in Lumparland on the eastern side of the main island of Åland . By road it is about 30 km from the capital Mariehamn. In 1999, the European Union ended the sale of duty-free goods on ferries, but Åland's special privileges provide a legal exception for ships calling at a port in Åland that are traveling between Finland and Sweden. For this reason, a new terminal was built in Långnäs in 1999, to accomidate the larger ferries.

Large international ferries of the Viking line, Tallinnk and Silja line depart from Långnäs to Stockholm Sweden and Turku Finland. There are also local ferries connecting the islands of Åland.

Mariehamn Finland - MHQ

The city is located on a peninsula. The Western Harbour is an important international harbour with daily traffic to Sweden, Estonia and mainland Finland. A powerful incentive for Baltic ferries to stop at Mariehamn is that, with respect to indirect taxation, Åland is not part of the EU customs zone and so duty-free goods can be sold aboard.

There are multiple connecting ports from Mariehamn which include Helsinki, Stockholm, Kapellskar, Turku and Tallinn. Ferry operators include Viking line, Tallinnk and Silja. There are also local ferry providers available along with air transportation.

Turku Finland - TKU

Turku, is located on the southwest coast of Finland, along the Aura River. It's best known historical site is the Turku Castle. Restaurants and quaint shops line Old Great Square, making for a pleasant enjoyable place to visit and sight see.

Turku has ferry connection for Mariehamn, Langnas and Stockholm. Ferry prividers include Viking and Tallinnk with Day and Overnight service for all destinations.

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