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Ferry Arrival and Departure Ports For France

French Port Information

Departure Port Arrival Port Travel Time Ferry Operator
Bonifacio Corsica France - SBF Santa Teresa Sardinia Italy - STE 50 Min. - ---
Cherbourg France - CER Rosslare Ireland - ROE 19 Hrs. - - - -
Sete France - SET Tanger Morocco - TNG 44 Hrs. - - - -
Saint-Barth - SBH - "Caribbean" St Maarten - SXM - "Caribbean" 45 Min. --- --- - --- - Details

Saint-Barth "The Caribbean"

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  • St. Barths - St. Martin - St Maarten
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  • Travel time by ferry 45 minutes
  • Airport shuttle service available
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Saint-Barth Saint-Martin

France by Ferry

We have available three departure point from France which include Bonifacio Corsica, Cherbourg and Sete. With conecting ports to Ireland, Morocco and Italy.

  • Bonifacio Corsica France - SBF
  • Cherbourg France - CER
  • Sete France - SET
  • St Barthelemy - Saint-Barth - SBH (Caribbean)

Bonifacio Corsica France - SBF
Bonifacio is a town on the southern tip of the French island of Corsica. The Ferry Terminal is located at:
Quai Sott, Portigliola 20169 Bonifacio, France

  • Arrive at port: - Once you have arrived to Bonifacio, look for the signs showing directions to ferry departure and arrival port.
  • Check-in: - Electronic check-in at the dock.
  • All Passengers: - Including MINORS, must arrive for boarding with valid identity document.
  • Important: - Arrive for embarkation at least 30 minutes before departure if you are without a vehicle.
  • Important: - Arrive for embarkation at least 90 minutes before departure if you have a vehicle.
Go Fast Ferry currently only offer one connecting port from Bonifacio Corsica which is Santa Teresa Sardinia, Italy. The travel time is aproximately 50 minutes. However, other connecting ports are available from Bonifacio.

Cherbourg France - CER
Cherbourg is a city in the region of Manche and Normandy in northwestern France. Signs on the major roads show Directions to the Ferry Departure and Arrival Terminal. Go Fast Ferry offers direct sailing to Rosslare in Wexford, in South East Ireland. Beautiful coast lines and its sheer cliffs offer a stunning view to remember. Rosslare is within a short driving distance to cities such as Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

The Cherbourg port is 1 hour from the city of Bayeux (home of the Bayeux Tapestry) on the N13. Only 90 minutes from the city of Caen and 2 hours from the incredible Mont Saint-Michel. With Paris only 4 hour away using the A13.

Sete France - SET
The Orsetti Ferry Terminal is located between the port and the city center of Sete. The Ferry Terminal is located at:
2-124 Av. du Marechal Juin, 34200 Sete, France
  • Access: motorway 10 minutes, SNCF train station 15min walk
  • Access to centre of Sète and shops within 2 minutes walk
  • WC / shower / baby corner at the waiting room and embarkation parking
  • Restaurant - refreshment bar with terrace at the pre-board parking)
  • Wi-Fi Available

Go Fast Ferry currently only offer one connecting port from Sete which is Tanger, Morocco with a travel time is aproximately 40 Hours. The schedule for Sete and Tanger varies according to seasonal travel times.

St Barthelemy - Saint-Barth - SBH (The Caribbean)
Take the ferry to Saint-Barth. The Glamorous island of St Barthelemy or St Barts - St Barth is a French speaking Island located in the northeastern Caribbean and close to the dual island of St Maarten / St Martin. This beautiful island is renowned for its mixture of French chic and relaxed island charm set in a magnificent Caribbean scenery. There are no huge resorts on this gem of the Caribbean but instead you will find serene beaches, boutique hotels and private villas.

Ferry conections for Saint-Barth are made from two International Airports located on Dutch St Maarten or French Saint-Martin. Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) is located on the Dutch Side of the island and Grand Case-Espérance Airport (SFG) is located on the French Side. Shuttle service is availble for transport to and from the ferry terminal.

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