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Europe is geographically one of the smallest continents on earth but it packs more variety into its borders than just about any other continent. With a population of over 740,000,000 people split between fifty sovereign states that range from giant Russia, the world's biggest country spanning two continents to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world spanning just half a kilometer it is certainly a continent of contrasts.

Stretching from Asia in the east to Lapland in the North and Africa in the South it has been influenced by so many cultures it is hard to know what to experience first.

Where to go? There is something for everybody in Europe. Whether your idea of vacation heaven is the metropolitan vibrancy of London, Paris, and Milan, the cultural richness of Rome, Athens, Moscow, and Barcelona or the timeless chic of the Cote de Azur or the endless charm of the Greek Islands, there is nothing to quite rival the variety and diversity on offer.

The Europe that we know today owes its identity to some of the great names of history, here you really can walk in the footsteps of giants, Hannibal, Hector, Cesar, William the Conqueror, Joan of Arc, Philip of Spain, Magellan, Napoleon, Queen Victoria all walked those same streets. Perhaps uniquely, any visitor to Europe can walk through some of those same buildings and imagine the legends of the past whether it is the Colosseum in Rome, The Alhambra in Spain, The Pillars of Hercules, The Tower of London, or the Palace of Versailles, there is a lifetime of experiences on offer.

Each year Europe hosts some of the most talked-about events on earth, whether it is the Monaco Grand Prix, Tennis at Wimbledon, the Pope's address in St Peter’s square, this season Beaujolais Nouveau or the Cannes Film Festival, the calendar will never be empty. With over 100 European destinations to choose from, there are no limits to what you can experience or where you can go to. You can choose from the spectacular scenery of the far north, the dazzling blue Mediterranean and its history soaked islands, or even to the coasts of Africa and Tangiers, the hardest thing will be choosing where to go.

The local currency is often the Euro but it is not universal, there are many national currencies and you should check what currency is used before traveling, most states accept global credit cards backed by Visa and Mastercard and these also work in ATMs. While there are many languages in the continent, most people speak English as a second language although it is appreciated if you can say hello or good morning in the national language

Greece of a Thousand Islands
Greece Land of Enchantment
London Bridge at Night