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Netherlands Port Information

Departure Port Arrival Port Travel Time Ferry Operator
Hoek Van Holland - HVH Harwich, United Kingdom - HRW 9 Hrs. 30 Min. - -

Netherlands by Ferry

Go Fast Ferry offers only one departure and arrival point from Netherlands:

  • Hoek Van Holland - HVH

In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, there are several countries, including the Netherlands. In the northwestern part of Europe, near the North Sea, you will find the Netherlands. Aside from the European part, the Caribbean Netherlands consists of three special municipalities..

Hoek Van Holland - HVH
The most affordable crossing from the Netherlands to the UK is the ferry connection from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. There are not many alternatives available so traveling by ferry offers the best price, speed and quality when compared to other methods of travel. The travel time is approximately 8 hours and 20 minutes. After arriving in Harwich UK you are only an hour and a half from London.
Address of the port: Haven Hoek van Holland, Stena Line BV (Haven number 911), Stationsweg 10, 3151 HS, Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands.

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