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Ferry Arrival and Departure Ports For Sweden

Sweden Port Information

Departure Port Arrival Port Travel Time Ferry Operator
Kapellskar Sweden - KPS Langnas Finland - LNG 2 - 5 Hrs. - -
Kapellskar Sweden - KPS Mariehamn Finland - MHQ 1 Hrs. 30 Min. - -
Kapellskar Sweden - KPS Paldiski Lounasadam Estonia - PLS 12 Hrs. - -
Kapellskar Sweden - KPS Turku Finland - TKL 7Hrs. 20 Min. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Helsinki Finland - HEL 16 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Helsinki Olympia Western Terminal Finland - OWE 16 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Langnas Finland - LNG 2 - 5 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Mariehamn Finland - MHQ 2 - 16 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Tallin Terminal Estonia - TA1 17 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Tallin Estonia - TAL 15 Hrs. - -
Stockholm Sweden - STC Turku Finland - TKU 7 - 10 Hrs. - -
Goeteborg Sweden - GOT Frederikshavn Denmark - FDH 2 Hrs. 15 Min. - -
Goeteborg Sweden - GOT Kiel Germany - KEL 13 Hrs. 30 Min. - -
Nynashamn Sweden - NYN Ventspils Latvia - VNS 10 Hrs. - -
Nynashamn Sweden - NYN Hanko Finland - HKO 12 Hrs. - -
Trelleborg Sweden - TRG Rostock Germany - RSK 6 - 7 Hrs. - -
Halmstad Sweden - HAD Grenaa Denmark - GRE 3 Hrs. 35 Min. - -

Sweden by Ferry

Go Fast Ferry offers only one departure and arrival point from Sweden:

  • Kapellskar Sweden - KPS
  • Stockholm Sweden - STC
  • Goeteborg Sweden - GOT
  • Nynashamn Sweden - NYN
  • Trelleborg Sweden - TRG
  • Halmstad Sweden - HAD

In Northern Europe, Sweden is a Scandinavian country. Besides Norway's west and north borders, Sweden's north and east borders are Finland's, as are the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea's north, center, and southeast borders. Sweden has plenty to offer with its modern transportation system. Travel to Sweden by ferry for tourism or business and enjoy northern europe at its best.

Kapellskar Sweden - KPS
Kapellskär is a small coastal town that overlooks the Baltic Sea, located around 90 km to the North of the Swedish capital Stockholm.
Address: Kapellskär, 760 15 Gräddö.

Stockholm Sweden - STC
Sweden has a number of ferry lines that serve the Stockholm ferry port, has crossings available to Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku, Langnas & Mariehamn, as well as to other destinations in Scandinavia. The port of Stockholm connects Sweden with Estonia, Finland & Aland with up to 15 sailings a day.
Address of the port: Terminalen Stadsgården,116 30 Stockholm,Sweden
Address of the port: Värtahamnen,115 41 Stockholm,Sweden
Address of the port: Hamnpirsvägen 10,11574 Stockholm, Sweden
Address of the port: Frihamnsgatan 17,115 56 Stockholm,Sweden

Goeteborg Sweden - GOT
Travel by ferry to Gothenburg and Frederikshavn and enjoy the most direct route between Sweden and Denmark. In just 3 hours and 30 minutes, you arrive relaxed and refreshed, and ready for your onward journey.  
Address of the port: Denmark Terminal, Emigrantvägen 20, 413 27, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Address of the port: Færgehavnsvej 10, 9900, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Nynashamn Sweden - NYN
Travel from Nynäshamn, Sweden to Hanko, Finland by ferry. Travel in comfort on a leisurely 13-hour crossing onboard the Stena Urd and Stena Gothica. Both ferries offer comfortable seating, entertainment, great food and drink as well as stunning views from the Sun Deck. Reserve a cabin for added comfort and privacy. Pet cabins available also.
Address of the port: Norviks färjeterminal, Norvikvägen 26, 149 45, Nynäshamn, Sweden.

Trelleborg Sweden - TRG
Travel by ferry from Sweden to Germany with up to 6 day or night sailings available daily. You can be sure of a comfortable and enjoyable trip onboard as you sail to Trelleborg and Rostock. Restaurants and onboard shopping are available. For younger guests, there is a play area. Choose from a number of different cabin options or reserve a seat onboard if you prefer.
Address of the port: Hamngatan 9, 231 42, Trelleborg, Sweden

Halmstad Sweden - HAD
The port of Halmstad is located on Sweden's west coast. Halmstad Port is easy to reach by road with access from the north, south and east. The town of Halmstadis also accessible by train and bus with a shuttle bus available for foot passengers from the station to the ferry terminal.
Address of the port: Turbingatan 22,302 50, Halmstad, Sweden

Stockhom Sweden
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Hesinki Sweden

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